Success Stories


Homeless and unemployed, Lisa wanted a better future for her family. A single mother of two living in the shelter, she had limited job skills and no job prospects. Upon entering the Mentoring program, Lisa was matched with a seasoned mentor who worked with her to create an action plan to help her attain full-time employment. After weeks of resume   building, mock interviewing, and learning critical workforce skills, Lisa secured a job. Soon after, Lisa saved enough money to rent a new apartment for her family.

A few months later, in one of her mentor meetings, Lisa shared that she was interested in forklifting but was never able to pursue it due to the high cost. Through one of Pathfinders’ community partnerships, Lisa attended forklift training at no cost to her. Shortly after completing the program she was offered a job making $14 an hour, a substantial increase from her current job. Three months later, Lisa was excited to share that she was doing so well in her position that she had been promoted and received a salary increase.

Today, because of her determination and resiliency, Lisa is thriving with a place to call home, a stable job and a reliable car. She no longer worries about their next meal or where her children are going to sleep. Lisa is thankful for her mentor Gina who she credits for helping her find a job and start a new life.

Financial Coaching

After constant “money fights”, living paycheck to paycheck and drowning in debt, the Huertas realized it was time to make a change. This was not the life they imagined when the got married 7 years ago. When the Huertas began their financial coaching journey at Pathfinders, they were afraid that selling their home and their belongings was their only option. With the help and encouragement from their coach, Johnny and Karen identified their financial goals, created a budget, and made a plan to get out of debt.

After several sessions they found new ways to save, cut down on unnecessary expenses and put into action what they had learned from their financial coach. Determined to be financially independent, they maintained a strict budget and learned how to prepare meals for the week to avoid going out to eat. To earn additional income, Johnny got a second job tutoring students in the evenings. The couple also rented out one of their rooms which helped them pay off debt quicker.

One year later, through much hard work and dedication, they paid off more than $34,000 in credit card debt. The tools they learned in Financial Coaching helped Johnny and Karen create a strong foundation for their future. They are now working towards paying off their mortgage and student loans while educating their young son on the importance of saving.


Yolanda, U.S. Army Veteran and mother of two, lost her job in March of 2017. Soon after, she became homeless. For a while, she was able to stay with a friend until that was no longer an option. At times her youngest was able to stay with her father, and her older daughter was able to stay with friends. Using her small veteran’s disability check, she would save enough money for a few nights in a hotel; other times she would just sleep in her car. Alone, homeless, and without a job, she began a downward spiral of depression.

During the lowest time in her life, she found Pathfinders. The Mentoring program provided a pathway to self-sufficiency. Her mentor helped her redesign her resume which led to more job interviews. Soon, she found a job, and she began to focus on finding a home for her family. Yolanda worked tirelessly and finally found the right place.

Pathfinders’ emergency assistance fund provided Yolanda with a deposit to help her secure the apartment. Yolanda was elated that she had finally found a place for her family to start over.

In March, her employer was so impressed with her work that they transitioned her from temporary full-time contractor to full-time employment. She continues to strive to strengthen her family and is ever grateful for the support and compassion she received at Pathfinders.

Quotes from Pathfinders Clients

“I love Pathfinders; you have been very helpful and understanding. My mentor has been a big help turning my life around. Thank you.” - Grace
"Pathfinders has helped boost my confidence. With their help, I have realized that I can still be successful even with a background." - Anthony
"Pathfinders has given back to me a kind of confidence that I have not had since my youth. Because of this organization I have traveled light-years in a very small amount of time." - Greg
"Before Lending Circles I could not get approved for an apartment without having to pay a large deposit because of my credit. After financial coaching and completing Lending Circles my credit score increased by 100 points. I was then able to rent an apartment with a low security deposit." - John
"Pathfinders’ Financial Coaching has impacted my life by showing me I am capable of being financially stable. I can get out of debt and I can have better credit." - Rachael

"Pathfinders helped strengthen our marriage, save our home, build an emergency savings account and pay off $34,000 in debt." - Karen