Financial Capability

Financial Stability is attainable!

Financial Coaching

Pathfinders provides financial coaching to help low and moderate-income individuals attain financial stability. The first step to financial stability is financial education, and Pathfinders offers classes facilitated by staff and highly qualified trained financial coach volunteers. Each client-driven financial coaching session addresses personal needs for improving financial behaviors and is led by a coach with topics including budgeting, banking, borrowing, and credit. One-on-one or small group financial coaching sessions allow participants to come with their own questions and work with a coach to take control of their finances, make better decisions, and achieve financial stability. Pathfinders financial coaching is available in English and Spanish. Sign up for a financial coaching session today! Click here to sign up.

Two-Generation Family Stability Program

Families with school-aged children are enrolled in the Two-Generation program which provides intensive financial coaching to parents while providing school-aged children age-appropriate financial literacy. By working with both parents and children, Pathfinders invests in the financial health of the next generation while giving their parents tools to motivate their children to develop positive financial habits. Two-Gen families receive books and a tablet to help them on their financial journey. Do you have school-aged children? To connect with our Two-Generation Family Stability Coordinator, click here.

Asset Building

We recognize that long-term financial stability requires asset building so there is an economic cushion for emergencies as well as reserves for attaining future goals. Pathfinders helps low and moderate-income families to build assets through two strategies. The first is Lending Circles, a zero-interest, zero-fee credit building program. Individuals completing Lending Circles generally see their credit score increase by an average of 151 points The second asset building strategy is a savings match to encourage a saving habit and the use of banking services. To connect with our Lending Circles coordinator, click here.

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