Meet Our Donors & Partners

We celebrate the many partner organizations that help Pathfinders' clients find direction, new skills and hope for a better future.


Aledo United Methodist Church
Nancy Alexander
Jessica and Mark Allsup
Arborlawn United Methodist Church, The Flour Girls
Deborah and William Arnold
Kathryn and Charles Arnold
Peggy Badlato and Steve Bales
Bank of America
Sarah and Gus Bates
Marlene and Jim Beckman
Jennifer and Brian Bellamy
Janet and Lloyd Bishop
Bodoin, Agnew & Greene, PC
Sally Bond
Jane Boone
Megan and Victor Boschini
Kim and Marshall Boyd
Sharon and Russ Burran
Tamme and Kenneth Byers
Cantey Hanger LLP
Anne Carvalho, Gold Sponsor
Jill and Quintin Cassady
Loretta Cesare
Tawanna Cesare
Troy Chapman
Jeannie and Larry Coggins
Communities Foundation of Texas
Sharon Conger
Lee Anne and Bruce Conti
Nancy and John Conway
Cookies by Design, Muriel Honeycutt
Sharon and Craig Crockett
Kendall Davis and Anthony Marlar
Peter Dahlberg
Shelda and Ken Dean
Patricia McMackin Doswell
Donna and David Dozier
Elizabeth S. White Design
Elizabeth Ebling
Garvey Texas Foundation
Sarah and John Gentry
Elizabeth Gideon
Drs. Anne and David Gifford
Joy Norton Griffin
Elise Gunter
Genevieve and John Hale
Lori and David Haley
Nikki Hatley
Julie and James Herd
Cathleen and Tony Hodnett
Ann Barksdale House
Krissy and Brent Hull
Amy Nickell Jacobs
Paula and David Jefferson
Mary Kathryn and Todd Kelly
Betty Kilpatrick
Willie and Stan Krueger
Caroline and John Laviolette
Kathryn and Russell Laughlin
Dyanna and Nat Lawson 

Dr. Mary Livingston
Dianna and Tim Lucas
Pepper and Scotty MacLean
Nelda McGlinchey
Lou Ann Madison
Libby and Issac Manning
Sarah and Christian Matt
Meadowbrook United Methodist Church
Toni and Jay Meadows, Platinum Sponsor
Metropolitian Board of Missions
Vicki and David Mize
Allison and Terry Montesi
Moses, Palmer & Howell, LLP
Denise and Clinton Mullins
Cameron and Huck Newberry
Carrol and James Nokes
Laura and Michael O'Brien
Open Door Coffeehouse
Rita Wright Oujesky
Edith Padgett
Nancy and David Parker
Kathy and Dan Parris
Kerrin Parris
Kathy and Mark Paukune
Verna and Berl Pedigo 
Frasher and John Pergande
Alan and Bonnie Petsche
Christina and Bryce Phillips, Silver Sponsor
Rebecca B. Smith Living Trust
Tamara and Michael Reese
Claire and Walter Reynolds
Terri M. Rios
Elizabeth and William Robertson
Ginger Robinson
Laura and Christopher Rooker
Margaret and Mike Russell
Amy and John Ryan
Mary Lou and John Ryan
Michelle Sankary
Michelle and Troy Shepherd
Dr. Linda Siy
Stephanie Spann
Starbucks Coffee, Kristen Tracy
Laura and Stephen Stackhouse
Sandra Stanley
Janice Thomas
Allison Wagner
Limous Walker
Janet and Michael Wall
Jim Walther
Letty and Mike Waltrip
Elizabeth White
Sherry and Daniel Wilkerson
Amy and Donovan Williamson
Aubra and Stephen Wilson
Woodhaven Bank, Gold Sponsor
Carrie and Patrick Woodson
Susannah and Marshall Young
Sally and Eric Zukoski
Brian Zvonecek

Volunteer Partners

The following organizations provide mentors, coaches, and volunteers that provide guidance and hope for client families:

  • Alcon Laboratories 
  • Aledo United Methodist Church 
  • Arborlawn United Methodist Church
  • Arlington Urban Ministries
  • Bank of America
  • Community Christian Church
  • First United Methodist Church of Arlington
  • Genesis United Methodist Church
  • Great Commission Baptist Church
  • Junior League of Fort Worth
  • LifePoint Baptist Church
  • Lockheed Martin
  • New Life Fellowship
  • Olivet Missionary Baptist Church
  • Saint John Baptist Church
  • Saint Paul United Methodist Church
  • Star Bank of Texas
  • Tarrant Area Community of Churches
  • Trinity United Methodist Church*
  • University Christian Church
  • Woodforest National Bank

*Pathfinders Partners: provides support for multiple programs or has organized multiple teams.

Grant Partners

The following organizations are grant partners in providing specialized service to our clients:

  • Community Learning Center
  • Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance
  • Goldwaves Salon
  • The Thomson Family Foundation
  • U.S. Trust
  • United Way of Tarrant County
  • The Women’s Policy Forum
  • Woodforest National Bank
  • Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County

Service Partners

These organizations provide helpful community wide services that clients can use:

  • Catholic Charities 
  • Christian Community Assistance
  • Community Action Partners
  • Community Christian Church
  • Community Food Bank
  • Community Supervision and Corrections Department
  • Cornerstone Assistance Network
  • Fatherhood Coalition
  • Fort Worth T
  • Hope Center
  • Mission Asset Fund
  • New Day Services
  • Northside Inter-Church Agency (NICA)
  • Opening Doors for Women in Need
  • Parents and Partners of Prisoners
  • Project-44
  • Red Oak Books
  • Tarrant County College
  • Tarrant County Homeless Coalition
  • Tarrant County Reentry Coalition
  • UNT Health Science Center
  • Volunteer Center of North Texas
  • The Women’s Center
  • Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County