Success Stories

Maria's Story

When Maria entered the mentoring program she was a single mother of two. Her husband was incarcerated and she was all alone. 

The Family Pathfinders team matched with Maria immediately saw her potential and went into action. They contacted Maria’s mortgage company and together they helped her develop a plan to save her house. Maria is still living in her home today. The team members helped her make a budget that the family could live on. They also babysat her little boys and tutored her while she took college classes. 

Throughout the year Maria’s mentors were mindful of helping her achieve successes in a way that encouraged self-sufficiency. Maria’s hard work paid off, and she got a job as a Family Representative with the Arlington ISD where she continues to work today. She still puts into practice the life skills she learned from her mentors. She refers parents to programs and agencies that can help them, whatever their needs. If they need ESL classes: she tells them where classes are available. If they need child care while they attend classes: she can help. If they want to attend classes to get their GED: Maria is ready with the needed information. Maria says that her job is a lot like Family Pathfinders; she just does whatever it takes to enable people in need to help themselves. Over the past ten years Maria has continued to keep in touch with her Family Pathfinders mentoring team members or her angels as she calls them. 

Maria feels strongly about giving back to her community. In October 2009 Maria become a mentor and now helps other families on the path to self sufficiency. 

There are other Maria's out there who will become self sufficient if mentored by knowledgeable, caring people willing to become a Family Pathfinders Mentor.

Quotes from Family Pathfinders Clients

“My life was a shadow because I didn’t have a way to go. Family Pathfinders helped me in so many ways. They helped me save my house. They taught me to believe in myself. They gave me patience, love, time and friendship. They helped me become stronger.” - Maria
“These are my angels. They are here for me.” Lucia, when talking about her mentors.
“I will never forget this part of my journey in life. Thank you to my mentors and everyone involved who helped and supported me through my struggles.” - Debbie
“I couldn’t find my way out of the welfare system. Now I’m on my way.” - Lisa
“Thank you for extending a helping hand to me and my children. My Family Pathfinders Mentors continue to light my “path” as my family continues its journey through life.” - Kameshia